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Lieferschein RestAPI POST Request


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  • Matthias Berkmann-Schäfer

    Hello Revathyganesh152,

    Thank you for your post in our community.

    Honestly I'm no programmer but I've also checked the Rest-API Dokumentation and couldn't find any possibility.

    Feel free to write us your wishes for the API here and we try to realize them accordingly to our roadmap.

    Thank you in advance and best regards,

    Matthias from the xentral customer success team

  • Revathyganesh152

    Goodmorning Mathias;


    Thankyou so much for your reply. May I know when can  we expect the release of new version of RestAPI documentation?


    your's faithfully

    Revathy Ganesh

  • Matthias Berkmann-Schäfer

    Good day Revathy,

    You are welcome and thank you for your question when you can expect the release of new version of RestAPI documentation. The current version is still based on the 20.3.

    Please see the following link to open the current API documentation. https://update.xentral.biz/apidoc/docs203.html

    Best regards,

    Matthias of the Xetnral Customer Success Team


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